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Very often, a pro-lifer is a bible beater without a grasp on anything except their futile task of trying scientifically prove a book without risking disproving it. These people can sometimes be seen parading around with the pictures of those who bomb abortion clinics and shoot abortion doctors. It's a good thing they're not Islamic terrorists parading pictures of THEIR "martyrs" around, right? Riiiiiiight.
Some broad:"My mom used to take me to rallies when I was little and we'd block abortion clinics."
Me:"I'm sorry."
Some broad:"Why?"
Me:"Because my mom probably hit your mom."
by Brooksie February 23, 2005
A person or person(s) who are against abortion because they believe killing a living thing is wrong. Although they will kill you if you don't agree with them. They also have a lot of time on their hands...can be seen holding pictures of dead babies on busy sidewalks during working hours.
See mentally deranged;hypocrite;loser;democrat.
by hooper January 25, 2004
Fools who don't support the woman's right to choose wether or not she wants a parasitic animal living and feeding inside of her. They support adoption, but don't adopt the children that are already living life knowing that they are not even wanted. They are very hypocritical because of this way of thinking. Lifies will assume that other people will adopt these children, totally ignoring the fact that most people will ONLY adopt a newborn baby. Their intentions sound good until you realize that it just won't work in reality.

See Lifies.
by 1001 October 08, 2003
someone strong in their beleif. usually a republican. can be hypocritical, but usually just strongly against abortion. by the way, abortion is murder, so you could also call a pro life person someone who against mass killing. damn those pro lifers.
oh man, that pro lifer sure is strong in their beleif, i hope one day abortion is illegal so all of the pro life people can laugh at the women in delivery rooms because they were to stop to use contriception.
by jessica hash July 04, 2004
kool people cuz they blow up baby farms and kill peole.
im a prolifer
by DaMan November 02, 2003
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