A word used to describe the awesome.
A man once said, "that shit's pro!"
#sweet #shibby #wicked #bomb #awesome
by Homie TJ February 08, 2006
Not often used but, sometimes a pro refers to a prostitute.
by Andrewsky March 05, 2003
Something that stinks
That's so the pros, man.
#pros #sic #stinks #stinky #prosapproved
by zeker niet de sic March 25, 2008
1. A word for a prostitute.
2. Short for a profesional. To mean someone who is excellent at something or something that is really awesome."
1. "We went and threw egg's at the pro's on the corner of 8th and Madisson. We almost got shot by this purple fur coat wearing pimp daddy."
2. "He smokes weed like a pro."
"That song you wrote is pro."
by Diego June 29, 2003
another word for cocaine
i did way too much pro last night
by kimberly December 31, 2003
a hoe thats good at it and i mean evry thing you can think of
she a pro at giving neck
by sean November 08, 2004
Annoyed. A word used to express any strong emotion. See beyond.
That physics test made me so pro!
by Dan January 23, 2004
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