I'm a prissy person, and I'm none of those things! I'm kind, sweet, fun to be around, and sure I might be a little spoiled, but thats not a bad thing to a certain extent
Crissy is a very prissy person
by Kristen March 07, 2005
A guy who is acting very fruity and gay like.
The prissy boy went around the class dancing and wanting to hug boys.
by Andy March 21, 2005
Self-centered, bitchy, can't take any pain, when sees the Bloody Penguin Game starts crying/"omg! omgomgomg!!! you're so cruel tristan!", selfish.
See slut, bitch, biatch.
Most commonly female.
(enter name here) is such a prissy I can't believe her/him.

Argh stop acting so prissyish!

Har har har, you are such a prissy.
by Kit ^ ^ May 19, 2005
The prissy ones are, complete whores who have sex with every second guy they see on the street. They usually claim to be going for "respect" yet they think that if they have sex with people for money, it will GET them respect.

Completely stuck up, all of which should be lined up and shot.

I thank god I am not friends with any of them.
All prisses should be killed, slowly and painfully.
by Spoon Worshiper January 20, 2004
someone who can't handle and take care of them selves.
OMG she's so prissy needing everyone else all the time.
by english 101 April 06, 2016

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