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when guys in jail don't see any girls in years, they get desparate. They fight with their cellmates, and the winner gets to fuck the other in the ass. Often the bitch has to dress and act like a girl.
Big Bubba made his cellmate his bitch.
by Joe February 11, 2003
noun; the little skinny white guy that was sent to prison for ripping those "do not remove under penalty of law" tags from a mattress
homeboy: "what are you in for"
whitey: " ripping the tag off a mattress"
homeboy: "bend over you little cracker, you's my new prison bitch
by green giant April 04, 2003
a convict who is used for sex by his/her butch

the "catcher" in gay prison sex; the submissive

sometimes gets pimped out for some smokes, a jug of toilet wine, and a Snickers
"We is cell mates and being cell mates is like being marries. What do you wanna be -- the husband or the wife?"

"The husband ..."

"Then come over here AND SUCK YOUR WIFE'S DICK or I'll stab your ass, prison bitch!"
by Da Nastee One December 06, 2006
The 5'11" 115 pound white guy in prison for beating up his wife and raping his 12 year old daughter.
OK John, You're in cellblock 9 with Bubba and Big Jeb. We took the liberty of embroidering your orange jumpsuit with "prison bitch"
by James October 19, 2003
An otherwise heterosexual prisoner force into sexual submission to one or more stronger prisoners. Same a "punk."
The Texcalis on cellblock C made made the new guy their prison bitch.
by jim January 18, 2004
To become a prison bitch this is what you do:
1. Act afraid and submissive
2. Stare at people
3. Talk about how much you like cock
4. Pick fights and lose... badly
5. Tattle
Seth became a prison bitch after he was arrested for raping comatose patients.
by Tony Lucianno September 23, 2006
the pansy-ass white boy in prison who is used by the other convicts as a jism recepticle
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
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