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When you shit a poo that is a nice sturdy long shape/size and it creates a bridge over the U-bend in the toilet bowl.
I made a beautiful pridge the other day, but my asshole stepbrother decided to flush it.
by Dr. Poopsington March 31, 2009
Pridge is to do with the status of, usually male, sex lives, i.e. one's that they can be proud of, not usually homosexually related.
That guy's got some good pridge.
If you think your pridge is good you should check out mine!
by Morganman October 20, 2006
Good friend with a heart of gold. Can be a little weird, but thats why people like her. Sometimes, well most the time has smelly feet. Like unicorns and carries her purple one around, even to ritchie.
Your feet smell like pridge.
by edith, agnes, meredith February 18, 2011