1. Something desirable in nature; 2. Cool, awesome, good, great, hot.
"That new red ferrari is prey!"
"Check her out, she is prey as it gets."
#cool #hot #sexy #beautiful #awesome #phat #great #magnificent #desired #good #fine #badass
by circa 1-2-11 TDL January 02, 2011
Top Definition
1.) Noun. Used to identify a living creature being hunted for food/sport by another living creature called the predator.

2.) Verb. To prey on something. To hunt for food/sport.

3.) The plural of lawyers. Describing a group of three or more.
1.) The mouse is the prey of the snake.

2.) The snake preys on its food, the mouse.

3.) Bystander: Holy shit, a prey of lawyers! Where's my Remington Pump Action??
by kwashia March 28, 2005
a younger man who makes his fondness for older women known; also cougar bait, or a younger man who becomes interested in a cougar after being with one.
That cutie Scott is just prey to that cougar Jen!
#prey #gold-digger #cougar #cougar bait #pray
by cougs n prey May 21, 2009
"one that is HELPLESS or UNABLE to resist attack"
Ken and Judy prey on Vincent.
#prey #violence #physical violence #helpless #attack
by muahahahahahahahahahaha July 10, 2008
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