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Booty Quake is a slang term that refers to the jiggling that occurs in the ass when a woman with a large butt is in motion.
Damn Cedric, did you see how much that chick's ass jiggled? That was a Booty Quake!
by layssiege February 05, 2010
A preying mantis is a woman who, while orally pleasuring a man, bites the head of the penis right when the man is about to cum, much like the female insect (preying mantis) will eat her mate after the reproduction process.
Guy 1: Dude why is there blood on your pants?
Guy 2: Because that bitch is a preying mantis, she bit the head of my dick!
by Layssiege February 09, 2010
A virgaterian is an individual whose only sexual activity is performing oral sex on a virgin female.
Dude being a virgaterian really provides piece of mind, I don't have to worry about STDs because I only eat out virgins.
by layssiege October 20, 2010

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