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it is only the best motherfucking car in the world. usually driven by asians or arabs, there is this one really cool totally awesome girl named m****** who drives one. her 1991 toyota previa LX is the BEST because:
1) her dad put two awesome 15' subs in it, with amps and tweeters
2) the middle row of seats twists around to face backwards, and when you have the rear row of seats down it creats the ideal space to sit and talk, makeout, etc. (use your imagination, but dont go too far because m****** doesnt do that kind of stuff)
3) when you fold the back row of seats up (this is still with the middle row facing backwards), the back of the car becomes ideal for carting about 20 kids to starbucks at 130 in the morning. (but you didnt hear that from me)
4) offroading in previa = the best experience of your life
5) but you really shouldnt offroad in the previa because you can get caught (you didnt hear that from me either)
6) the seats are really cushy and comfy, and they fold flat all the way back!
7) we bump. period the end.
8) bumping is the best in m******s previa, because of #1
9) see above for number one, dumbshit.
by m****** March 18, 2007
Egg or Kidney Bean shaped vehicle made by Toyota from 1991 to 1997. Has a cult following due to its Available 4WD, Interior Layout, and Reliability. Great semi-remote Camping Trips, Winter Driving, And Long Distance Road Trips.
Can I borrow your Previa to pull out my Xterra.
by tjwutch March 15, 2010
An ugly ass mini-van manufactured by Toyota from 1991-1997 and obsessed over for it's "Awesomeness" by Asians named Oscar.
Me: "So what's the best vehicle?"
Oscar: "My Previa! I loves it!"
by Previa_Hater November 17, 2011
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