Twisted; succubus; corrupt; perplexing
when referred to a female
"These pretzels are making me thirsty"

- The twisted female (pretzel) is making me drink(alcohol)
by Under Artificial Skies July 02, 2009
An evildoer in the eyes of Der Fuhrer, George Bush
chkt cough cough immm huh chuh(choking)
by Ryan February 08, 2005
When you finish on a girls face and toss coarse kosher salt on her. A pretzel knot occurs when the hair becomes knotted with salt and jiz.
I totally gave that girl a pretzel last night.
by Hot Carl Winslow January 02, 2008
(noun) a delicious salt-bakery to accompany beer etc. The dough consists of fine wheatflour, fine maltflour, yeast, salt, fat and water. The dough is rolled into a thin sausage and dipped before baking into soda solution (NaHCO³) - this gives a lovely chestnut sheen to the crust. Crushed rocksalt is applied to the crust and the pretzel is baked - ready!
Thre crossarm form of the pretzel gives it its name - from the Italian braccio (Latin bracellus), arm.
A butter-pretzel with freshly ground coffee for breakfast -delicious!
by Alarick October 01, 2006
Stuff that makes you thirsty.
These pretzels are making me thirsty.
by pseudoynm February 27, 2005
A person that can put his/her legs behinds their neck and start walking in it's ass. Only nerdy people can do it.
That guy is making the pretzel, he's gonna get bet up today...again
by favio14 March 04, 2006
When two people are always together, pratcially connected, always intertwined
Hey there's Mikey and Jayme and Brianna and Erika and hey look there is a pretzel!
by The Cougar November 11, 2005
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