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The white crystal powdery like substance that is the research chemical called MDPV, can also be referred to as "pretzels." The coke-like euphoric feel all derives from the chemical similarity it has with illegal bath salts. Pretzels have a very salty background, but yet still remains popular in the streets of America. Often ingested in very small "bullet" amounts through the nose by snorting/bumping (aka eating) the pretzels. If taken, sleep is often ruled out due to extreme insomnia, which usually causes a binge mentality by going several days without sleep and constant use. Users side effects will mostly consist of insomnia, dry mouth, tongue soreness, heart rate increase, appetite loss, weight loss, sweating, hallucinations, chapped lips/nose, hyper, EXTREMELY talkative, and in some cases, even extreme paranoia. If not responsible, this research chemical can become highly addictive due to the constant re-dosage every 15-30 minutes of small lines in order to maintain the "up" if binging, which happens quite often. Even with all those side effects mentioned, the comedown is actually not all that bad. Sleep is all that is required in order to sober/stop wanting more. So don't fiend for more, just make sure you get rest. Pretzels are great to eat with friends, but can be done alone as well. Just eat responsibly people, don't let Auntie Ann control you, cause she can be a bitch sometimes.
Example #1
Bro1: "Wanna go to Auntie Anns later today n get some pretzels?!"

Bro2: "YAAA I'm so down to get crazy! no work for me tomorrow so we can steady wyl' out for da homies tn"

Bro1: "solid, ill hit you up in a lil ya fart ass"

Example #2
Damn, just woke up....and realize ive slept for more than 12 hours!! Feel fine but my tongue hurts so bad. Eating pretzels for the past few days was pretty stupid idea, just exhausted.
by mgmnasty January 17, 2013
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