The term to describe something that is delicately lovely.

A cross between "Beautiful" & "Pretty"

The term commonly used by little people who's vocabulary isn't quite developed.
"Maria picked some flowers, they were very Prettyful."

"Wow! Donna, that dress is so Prettyful on you!"

"Mama, I think this picture of you is so Prettyful..."
by Hippiechic98 January 04, 2013
Top Definition
I think "Prettyful" is somewhere in between Pretty and Beautiful.
Isn't she prettyful today all dressed in orange.
by lisa November 20, 2003
a person that is very beautful and pretty (beautiful + pretty = prettyful)
kelly is so prettyful ^_^
by sel ortiz January 16, 2006
A combinaion of te 2 words beautiful & pretty.
Is a cute way of sayin something is attractive.
"That flower is prettyful!"
by Reggie Han & Char August 14, 2004
The words Pretty+Beautiful combined.


Person 2- What's your "new word"?

Person 1- PRETTYFUL!!!!!!!!

Person 2- Wtf?
by xxMelixx August 05, 2008
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