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The term to describe something that is delicately lovely.

A cross between "Beautiful" & "Pretty"

The term commonly used by little people who's vocabulary isn't quite developed.
"Maria picked some flowers, they were very Prettyful."

"Wow! Donna, that dress is so Prettyful on you!"

"Mama, I think this picture of you is so Prettyful..."
by Hippiechic98 January 04, 2013
an old ass word that combines pretty and beautiful to make a newer word for a person or thing that is more than pretty, but not quite yet beautiful.
Josh: what do you rate that chick? pretty or beautiful?
John: no man, she is prettyful.
Josh: she is what?
John: look it up on one of the awesomest websites on the web man! Urbandictionary.com! dah
Josh: oh...I feel like a dumbass, man...
John: BECAUSE you ARE a DUMBASS man! dah
Josh: asswhole
JOhn: (smile) yeah
by LOLSydney January 15, 2011
A word used to describe a girl who is beauitiful but is not enought to describe how pretty she is
Boy: oh my god, did you see that girl? She's so prettyfull
by alexiaaa [: July 10, 2008
this is describing how something looks
That is a prettyful hat.
by Char 1013 November 08, 2007
some one or something who/it is very attractive!! or has a nice inner person
i saw this prettyful dress on sale
by Genovefa September 18, 2006
beautiful without the sophistication. normally used 2 describe something rather than someone.
thats prettyful
by Gigglefairy January 02, 2004