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Damn ass good rapper who made the song:
"Lay your body down - Pretty Willie"
D/L it, 10 stars
I'ma go to the Pretty Willie concert out in St. Louis.
by Stuart October 04, 2003
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1.Someone who is pretty 2)Someone who lives a pretty life 3)Someone who know what they can get out of life and know what they are going for
1) Pretty boy 2) Happy looking forward to a new day 3)Achiever
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A singer and rapper. His singing sounds better then his rapping.
I was bumping designer luv by pretty willie in my cd player today.
by kiki December 03, 2003
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A tight rapper/singer. Famous songs such as: Lay your body down, Ride With Me, Designer Love, 4 walls, Hard Times, etc.

Sings about the good things in the urban life, not bad things in urban life like other rappers.

Pretty Willie also goes by the alias of: P Dub
by Submerge July 31, 2004
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