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individual who prides them self off of being able to do a seemingly unimportant task ridiculously well. this otherwise meaningless skill is showcased by the individual on almost a daily basis and can range from being able to spell a word correctly, pronounce a word correctly, or have some knowledge of the root of a word. obviously this person conducts them self in a somewhat grandiose manner and secretly looks down upon the people they are "innocently" correcting to elate their own ego.
john: why dont you eat normal snacks?
amanda: i always eat almonds. thats normal.
john: its ALL-mond with a long A, NOT AL-mond.
amanda: ya thats what i said, almond, and later im going to go make myself a sangwich.
john: a what? a sanGwich?
amanda: yes you pretentuoso a sangwich
by zepinktroll September 07, 2010
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