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The potential to be pretentious.
Miley Cyrus is oozing with pretential; one more unnecessary feud or diva moment and she will have broken the barrier into pretention.
by jk5k May 25, 2009
6 5
An older woman who looks as if she would have been attractive when she was younger.

Much like a younger girl may have potential (definition 3) to be attractive when she's older.
"hey check out that old woman"

"She's got definite pretential"
by Phlebas June 13, 2012
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(pre-10-shull) n. the potential to become pretntious
The lead singer of this band is not quite good enough to be pretentious, but he's got pretential.
by Damanda13 October 22, 2010
2 2
If "potential" is "having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future"; then *Pretential* is the *potential to have potential*.
Example; If you study well, you have POTENTIAL.
If you aren't bothering to study, but you have the right teachers, books, notes, etc.; then you have PRETENTIAL

Person 1: You've got a great teacher, the textbook's got all the information, and you have every other possible tool you could need! You've just got so much potential!
Person 2: I don't have potential, I'm not studying yet!
Person 1: Yes you do...
Person 2: No, I only have *PREtential*

but this word could be used in any context :P
by BeastlyHarlotx3 February 24, 2009
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