noun: preteen retard

A stupid kid, ages 9-12 on xbox live or any other online gaming service. They swear a lot but don't know what the word they just said means 85% percent of the time. They scream like hell, think they are cool when really they are just douche bags. They NEVER shut up, especially in the halo pre and post games, during that time they are annoying as hell unless your a troll.

Believe it or not, i actually partied up with this one pretard who didn't even know how to boot me off his party.
(at pre-game)
pretard: HELLO FUCKERS WHATS UP!!!!!!!!!!!
regular gamer: hello
troll: do you even know what fuck means you little pretard
gamer: tehee xD
pretard: YEA, YOUR MOM!

troll: *lolz* but what does fuck mean in the dictionary
pretard: *shuts up but starts screaming again later*
*during game*
pretard bertays everyone and the troll betrays him just to piss him off back
by MasterMeerkat November 28, 2009
(pronunciation-rhymes with retard)Someone who, while not actually retarded, is very, very stupid; he/she may be on the cusp of retardedness.
You: So, what do you think of Sarah Palin?

Me: I think she's a fucking pretard.
by ricky retardo, esq. April 11, 2010
A child in the womb of an obviously screwed up girl or knowing a soon to be dad is a fuck-up.
Jose: Look at that pregnant chola.

Pedro: I know, Carlos is the father.

Jose: That kid is a pretard.
by dennyher October 11, 2009
Someone who pretends to be retarded for financial gain or to avoid punishment
"He's a pretard. He acts retarded so they won't spank him."
by HedyBlog January 25, 2008
In ebay, knowledgeable ebay buyers refer to inexperienced ebay buyers who unknowingly bid early (hours or days) before the end of the auction, and thereby spoil the auction, hence they are called pretards. 'Pre' for 'early' and 'tard' for 'retard'

To win as a buyer at ebay you never place your bid for something earlier than the last 1 or 2 seconds before an auction runs out. That way the buyer (whoever it is) always wins with his best or lower price. Google pretard ebay or
see link for more details on best way to bid on ebay. <dot>htm
The guy placed a bid for an item on ebay and the auction doesn't even end for another week. What a pretard. I'm not going to bid on that.
by spock here captain March 09, 2011
n. A term used to declare Either:
1.) Someone beyond retarded, obviously a devolved/primal retard.
2.) Someone of a pre-school intellect
3.) Someone more retarded than a mongoloid child.
'Man, you are such a pretard.'
by Machman January 25, 2009
someones state before they say/do something retarded.
"Im about to do something really retarded."

"I guess that would make you a pretard then."
by jennjennjennjenn November 13, 2008
the stage before retard, one who isn't even smart enough to be a retard
You're a freakin' pretard, Jack!
by ImAGermanDood January 22, 2007

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