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When u get a boner while doing an activity that has absolutly nothing with sex.
holy crap i was watching x men and i got a "presidential erection"
It sucked because then my girlfriend gave me an Indian chicken rash.
#penis #vagina #pussies #poop #fuckers
by 123fucknut March 09, 2009
noun. the excitement of any possible chance of replacing the current president via a new election.
"I've such a presidential erection for 2008."
#bush #president #dumbass #remove #republican #vote
by Justin & Todd November 03, 2007
What a presidential candidate gets when they verbally attack another candidate or create an attack ad on another candidate.
Man, Romney sure got a presidential erection after he saw that attack ad on Presidential Obama
#presidential #erection #romney #obama #boner
by deejaybeekay August 07, 2012
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