Someone who holds the top position of a group
Scott Hambrick is the President of the canyon
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
Black people.
They bumped hip-hop in the club all night, so the place was full of presidents.

Wow that's a crowd of fat presidents.
by Vox Populi March 22, 2009
something donald trump is not
wow man i love our president because he's not donald trump!
by drememe April 18, 2016
a penis, cock, schlong, goat, tallywhacker, purple-headed puding flinger, frank, sausage, whang, dong, meat, you get the idea
hey baby say hello to the president
by brokenrecords33 August 24, 2006
a useless figurehead made during early democracy to show the rest of the world that a country with this government has one leader.(which couldnt be more wrong) the only power given to him(that is legal and people know about)is the power of veto and general status at time of war. this should be considered a useless form of government due to this. governments like a republic with an elected chancellor or parliament with an elected prime minister are by far superior and get things done, intead of acting like bumbling retards and barely ever making governmental progress.
The U.S. president is a complete figurehead and joke.
by _shadowfoot_ July 30, 2008
Persident (n.) (1) A person in a place of high status, but not necessarily power. (2) A person promoted to the highest level of incompetence, ususally though a 'democratic' election. (3) the HMFIC of a country or region. (4) Someone who would rather lay on in intern than a bed. (see also: clinton) (5) sucker.
"The president of the United States is the second most powerful person in the world, right next to the captian of a US nuclear missle submarine."
by Cunjo July 22, 2004
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