We preps usually wear clothes from Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Juicy Couture, And our jeans usually are True Religion jeans or some other pair of designer jeans. The sports we are usually into are, Golf, Tennis, Figure Skating, Ballet, Soccer and more but those are the most common. Emo people and Goth people usually make fun of us and why should they do that? We are people too..
Ashley: Hey Alexis wanna go shopping today?
Alexis: Yeah where should we go?
Ashley: Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Aeropostale & Juicy!
Alexis: That sounds awesome! Lemme go ask my daddy for money!
Ashley: Yeah me too!
Ashley and Alexis: uhmm.... okay??
eMo KiD: *runs off crying* Preps are bad I hate you!!!
Ashley & Alexis: ooooook?? Whatev
by Pretty&Preppy December 30, 2007
Scum of the earth both culturally and intellectually-wise disguised with makeup and/or rich, trendy, overpriced clothes. Usually get good grades but don't exactly have all that much going on in their hollow heads. Also known as sheep, followers, lackeys, bandwagon members, etc. The TRUE AMERICAN - not a compliment either, ditzshits. Don't care about government, vote for guy with best hair, basically empty-headed with no clue as to what's going on around them, and will grow up to be fat, dowdy, frumpy middle-aged PTA housewives, gossipping in the beauty parlor about their once-handsome, airhead balding husband and the supposedly-scandolous lives of their neighbors. During youth, takes occasional trips to the girls' restroom in order to cry and weep about how their boyfriend dumped her just before they were about to sleep with her. People with as much emotional depth as Saddam Hussein and less intelligence, BUT... more vindictive.
*preps at a musuem* "Omigod, was Leonardo, like, Da Vinci related to Leonardo DiCaprio?"
"And, like, what's with Mona Lisa's dress? Like. Ew."
by Fwoinkle, Inc. January 08, 2004
There are TWO types of preps. First there is the prep who only wears collared shirts, and then there is the other prep who wears Juicy Couture and Abercrombie & Fitch...mostly what celebrities wear. Now, these two preps have one thing in common...they are not sluts. They both do not wear extra-small Abercrombie & Fitch sheer shirts, but they might wear a Medium in not a see-through shirt. Some preps wear shirts that express who they are, for exaple... they might wear a shirt that says, "Almost Always Right" or "Social Studies is my best Subject!" or "I will talk in class". Things like that. They also ALWAYS wear ribbons in their hair as well as ribbon belts. There jeans are from Miss Sixty because Preps wear expensive clothing. They also wear Tiffany & Co. necklaces and bracelets. Mostly silver so they can wear them to school. They have open faces free of oil and dirt and their hair is always clean. They live in the richest towns in the area and have either Victorian or Colonial gorgeous houses. A real prep only lives in a house that costs AT LEAST $1,500,000. Most of them live in $3,700,000 million houses because a real prep's father owns a company or is the CEO of AT LEAST ONE. Anyway, a real prep almost never repeats an outfit and plays golf and tennis with their father and lacross, soccer etc... with their friends. They are envied by everyone because they are beautiful! Also, whenever they wear long pants, they wear pointy shoes and their pants always touch the ground. Anyway....hope it helped!
Those girls are so stylish and they don't look like sluts...they must be preps because they are wearing Miss. Sixty jeans and Juicy Couture shirts!
by Alexandra June 06, 2004
Someone who picks on "less popular" people in an effort to become more popular themselves.
That preppy just threw an open ketchup packet at that poor guy over there!
by ian May 21, 2004
a person who is either popular or a loser and shops at abercrombie and fitch and aeropostale. most likely a preppy is known to use the phrase "ohh mygosh!" and say the word "like" a lot. for a true definiton of a preppy look under klisszaz .
"Like omg Becky I had tons of like major fun shopping at aeropostale!"
by Squeeky, Madison, and Robles January 06, 2004
a gay ass white bread rich kid who i beat the sh-t out of and rob for all their money.
any prep that steps foot on K and A leaves in an ambulance.
by Shamrokk August 05, 2004
A social class of teens from grades 7-12 who are usually jocks or cheerleaders, constantly make fun of the nerds, go shopping at Old Navy, Aborcromie, or Limited too, shout "Wooo!" at sporting events, and are usually obsessed with looks.
Without those annoying preppies our school would finally have peace.
by Anonymous June 13, 2003

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