Not Pappas... Hes not a WASP, poser, skater Punk and shouldn't be consider preppier than a real WASP.
Damn Pappas ain't preppy.
by Wasp February 12, 2005
A stylish man who wears suits with the sleeves rooled up. Someone who hangs out with a nerd and a greasy jock. Someone who has converse hightops, bleached blonde hair, and who scams his principal every episode.
Where is kelly and Screech? They are with preppy at the Max.
by captain poopypants November 12, 2004
Guy Prep:

Body: Thin, can be a little pale

Clothes: khakis, polos, oxfords, converse

Hair: natural.

Music: hippy music

Activities: sports, (lacrosse), parties, alcohol for some

Girl Prep:

Body: skinny, freckles

Clothes: lily pulitzer sweaters, polos and skirts, ralph lauren khakis and polos with the collar up, oxfords, brooks brothers polos, ribbon belts, eliza b flip flops

Hair: Long and straight, ribbons and bows

Music: Whatever the guys around them listen to.

Activities: shopping, going to parties

Family: Stuck up, rich parents who are blissfully unaware of their children's activites. waspy parents

Intelligence: usually smart, go to boarding or private schools
Vivian looked so preppy with her pink ralph lauren polo with the collar up and her sorority pearl necklace.
by Alix May 25, 2004
Someone that makes a definition here that says how preps are so awesome and nice and don't even like makeup, 'it's a lifestyle not a trend', and that they are not stuck-up and mean EVER and they don't always cheerlead, they don't shop at A+F, etc. They write this because they like to write good things about themselves, since they're extremely insecure. Don't listen to them, please!
Preppy is derived from the American word prep, meaning, 'likes to wear pink and like stuff you know?'.
by Juuliaa January 19, 2009
preppy is not so much a thing as a mindset. i'm in a boarding school, live in fairfield county, and (because of my dress code at school) i have to wear to collared shirts. that does not make me a prep. quite the opposite. when i'm home, i wear baggy pants, baggy shirts, dark makeup...the works. metal, thanks. a prep wears light, fluffy colors. but the main thing is...mindset. a prep is a MORON who despises other people who aren't the same as everybody else. anybody who is differant is immediatly ridiculed and outcasted, i'm speaking from experiance.
by nax February 18, 2005
preppy is the american version of the british ya or ra. However there are big differences. Yas tend to wear much posher, expensive, designer clothes while preppies tend to wear either ralph lauren or something called american eagle outfitters wich is apparently similar to gap and therefore not posh at all. Yas are also much more snobby. i know this for a fact since i have met a preppy and he was not overtly disgusted by my speaking to him. a ya would be.
oh darling, you simply must come to berkshire and see how much money and pashminas i have!
Oh, darling, i cant, your below me. i have more.
A happy person that loves to be happy. They can either have plenty of friends or backstabbing weasel friends. They can either be sluts or act like one. Even not all of them are, its a common sterotype. They usually have their own accent and use the words Totally; babe; like; major; whatever; talk to the hand; OMG; ect.

A scary overly active person

Commonly called cheerleader

Coke addicts (at least in my school)
"like OMG He is a total BABE"

Today Mina was acting all preppy after she had those bags of sugar.

Person 1"She's so preppy."
Person 2 "She's a cheerleader she has to be or she's in the wrong sport."
by Lorena March 11, 2005

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