The prepies of hip-hop style clothing they usualy wear hip hop clothes that are button up & collared shirts with gelled up or down hair with there shoes tied neatly
Look at that guy over there with the prep hop clothes on
by Chuck T. May 23, 2006
Top Definition
Prep-Hop is a sub-genre of hip hop made by prepstas, for prepstas, about prepsta things like dope yachts, mad trustfunds and rockin your blazer with your family crest at the Tea Partay. Prep-hop culture is rooted in New England and consists of pastel clothing, maritime hobbies, croquet, tennis and Smirnoff Raw Tea.
Prep-hop is that Tea Partay video
by Elmi August 15, 2006
A subgenre or clothing style worn by african-americans and latin-americans in the suburbs and it is a subgenre that is often critizized and it is not affiliated with anything with gangsta rap, this means that rappers that wear this clothing style are not affiliated in any sort with gangs. This style is mostly mainstream and it is very popular with R&B singers. This style is consist of Less baggy jeans than usual in hip hop clothing and small shirts that sometimes consist of skulls nike dunks sneakers, vans, bapes and ice creams, new era or von dutch trucker hats, it is also very common for them to wear shinny belt buckles and jewerely and studded or star earings they also make figures with their haircuts.
Gangster #1: Look at that prephopper he looks so gay with his small t-shirt and gay ass jeans, prep-hop is definetly not hood.
Gangster #2: Yeah you can tell he is straight outta the suburbs, that pussy iss from no fuckin hood, fuckin pussy.
by mexicanlakerfan August 18, 2007
combination of preppy and hip hop mostly worn by rappers like lil wayne, tyga ,Lupe fiasco,
kanye west, and many more and is the new style of this century
dang nigga how did you combine such a style of hip hop and preppy clothing prephop is the shit
by shakour August 03, 2008
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