people who are either rich, or want to look rich. want to be popular. and are snobby...they tell people who dress difrently not to judge them before we know them..why try not to, but they are all the same!
stupid dumbass, wanna be princess!
by ME March 15, 2004
Bitchy, snobby girls who like to make fun of people that are different or dont have as much money as they do who make me wanna puke when they say "OMG"
like omg girlfriend lets go to the gap theyre having a sale!!!
by PuNkY July 15, 2003
When you want to attract someone to your group, school, sisterhood or brotherhood.
Come to our prep party.
We decided to have a prep with ZBZ.
by kneginja February 27, 2011
well, im not sure about other states, but this is basically what a prep is considered in PA...

Someone who lives on the mainline- t/e(thts me!:]), radnor, brwyn mawr, & sometimes west chester. we normally go to private schools (notre dame, agnes irwin, rosemont, springside, episcipoal, malvern, devon, the Prep, baldwin, cdssh, etc.) also, tho, some public skools like stoga:], & radnor are considered to almost be like private skools except they are ginormis. we normally play a variety of sports, hang out with people tht evry1 knows (like, if u were 2 say their name, even if they dont go to ur skool, evry1 would know), have like insane parties, & hook up a lot (but were not sluts). as far as religion were Catholic...end of story. ethnicity...normally irish (yup, the McMansions). normally we live in fairly big houses with about 2-3 acres...however not all are huge. we do take the bus:], we arent dropped off by shofers, and generally are parents dont drive us cuz were like afraid to take the bus or something(my parents wouldnt take me period). in addition to all the sports we play, we normally swim for our country clubs. generally, we all do field hockey, lax, bball, track, & swimming.for what we wear, on days were just like hanging out, sweatpants (from a sport that we did), the big baggy kind, & a shirt (like for ur class or something). if were getting dressed up, then normally hollister, a&f, ae, etc. we normally all shop at the king of prussia mall, but exton & springfield are popular2. were actualy pretty down-to-earth, despite popular belif, & were not all geniuses (defs not me!)!
preps dont always wear collared shirts.
by edipPhillygrrl7113 July 17, 2009
We preps are members of the social elite and upper class in our communities and like obviously go to private schools. We only wear upper label brands and never wear any low level brands you'd find at like a discount store. Typically we (mainly I) wear Burberry, Lacoste, Gucci, Prada, D&G, Lily Pulitzer, Dior, Louis Vuittion, etc. We preppy guys have extensive watch collections, consisiting of Rolexs, Jacob and Co. watches, Piaget, etc. and jewelry collections from stores such as Cartier. We do live in large houses, mainly on the water, and go out boating with our friends. We only wear jeans/pants that cost at least $150-$200 and only shop at Neimans and Saks. At 16, we get our cars, mainly Mercedes, Beamers, Cadillacs, etc. We all have credit cards and go shopping at least 5 times a week and spend a minimum of $300. We have a hard life but we find a way to live it.
"Omg I just found out the shirt I'm wearing went on sale..."
"I guess you should probably throw it out or burn it...don't give it to charity though otherwise you definately won't be considered a prep."
by preppyguy March 22, 2009
someone who is popular, rich, wears Abercrombie and Hollister, wears sperries, and tries to cat country even though their not. and speaking of acting they also act like thier dorks, when in real life thier not.(even though not everyone who wear Abercrombie and Hollister are bad, oh and I'm not defending my self.)
super prep> omg! u talked to that girl that isn't wearing sperries or Abercrombie? psh, we are not friends!!
not as preppy prep> what? i don't understand that!!!
by your mom:D March 07, 2008
Stupid little bastards that hate the socially reatarded. People that like Acromibe and crap like that
Prep: Oh, i love rock and Hip hop, since your not popular, i'll just hate yor for no reason
by Dr. booboo gone October 03, 2006

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