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A cool tv show that lets us single people watch couples fight or make out.
Dude did u watch Blind Date last night?? That bitch had some fake ass titties!!
by PuNkY July 15, 2003
an answer to any question if you dont know the answer.
Homie: Hey whats 2 plus 2??
Homie#2: Your mom!!
by PuNkY July 15, 2003
A homosexual term said to a person with the name t3ch.
Hey t3ch you a f3g.
by Punky November 17, 2003
Derogatory term used by persons who privately fantasize about someone of their own gender.
Hey fagno, what do you like, to suck cock? What? No! I don't play football to look at other guys shower naked! Shut up, fagno!
by punky June 30, 2004
Bitchy, snobby girls who like to make fun of people that are different or dont have as much money as they do who make me wanna puke when they say "OMG"
like omg girlfriend lets go to the gap theyre having a sale!!!
by PuNkY July 15, 2003
O golly, sandy the homeless
Look at that ogsth
by Punky December 09, 2003
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