Preppy people or preps. Originate from Britain, but many think they orginate from the states they actually dont.


A Prep always shops at; Jack Wills (JW), Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), Hollister.co (HCO), J.Crew (JC)& American Eagle (AE), Polo Ralph Lauren (PRL), Lacoste. and many more.

-Dress code/Hair/Make-up


Preppy boys essentuals are: iPhone/Blackberry/Side-kick. Hoodies (perferrably Jack Wills or Abercrombie), Skinny jeans or straight NEVER boot cut. Shirts also are an essentual from Jack Wills or Abercrombie, they have to be clean cut so nothing in your face maybe with stripes to them. A Prep never has anything in your face Polkadot/floral ain't happening. A v-neck jumper is also an essentual from any of the brands above with a polo shirt from jack wills and abercrombie. NEVER pop your collar, it comes accross as wannabeish and lower class chavs trying to be preps tend to pop their colour when wearing jumpers. THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE JEWRELLY ARE SURFER NECKLACES. No gold chains a prep never wears common things. No rings aswell. Shoes are always converse or white lacoste trainers. Hair should be either brown or blonde and scruffy think of Californian beach boy. NEVER spike your hair EVER that is the most atrocious thing ever.


A prep girls essentuals are; GHDS you need to keep your hair looking straight or wavy. iPhone/Blackberry/sidekick you need to keep up with the latest gossip. But no as so you look bitchy. Jack wills and Abercrombie striped jumpers are a MUST Have they should be worn with a shirt underneath or a polo shirt. Polo shirts have to be from HCO, JW Or A&F they can be striped or plain, but it cant clash. Again, NEVER pop the collar, you'll seem like a chav trying to be a prep. Jeans have to be skinny no others are accepted, girls can also wear 'leasuire pants' from Abercrombie & Fitch or Jack Wills. NEVER EVER EVER Wear the checkered Jack wills PJAMA bottoms. They are called Pjama bottoms for a reason. The leasuire pants should be tucked into uggs, so should skinny jeans. Skirts are NEVER worn. Maybe denim ones in the heat of summer but thats about it. Short Shorts are also an essentual. Prep girls should wear sqaure diamond earrings but not the chavvy ones with lots of little diamonds in them just a plain diamond stud and pearls/beads. Make-up should be suttle NEVER EVER EVER EVER WEAR BLUE/PINK/GREEN EYESHADOW, that is the most awful thing to do. If you wear eyeshadow make it look natural. Foundation should be to a nautural skin tone and fake tan should never be applied. Eyeliner is never used, unless brown. Mascara has to be black, lipgloss is also an essentual pinks and natural colours make it soft. Hair should be shoulder length at longest if your hair is over shoulder length cut it.


Just because you look like a prep doesn't mean you are one.

People think that a prep is stuck up and rude. They never are, preps are polite and well mannered and aren't bitchy. They socialise with everyone outside their inner circle and are willing to lend a helping hand. When a prep is insulted they laugh it off and rise above it. Preps can't be fat not even puppy fat. They have to be fit and well excercised as thats part of a preps sterotype. A Prep has to play either Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Athletics or football. A Prep has to take care of themself and eat healthily too. Preps ARE NOT BARBIES OR PLASTIC. That is an insult to preps as preps have class and if you call yourself barbie and you are a 'prep' it just makes you a wannabe. You don't have to be super rich to be a prep you just need to be able to afford the brands listed above. Preps also study hard at school and acting stupid is not preppy if you act stupid you might as well just go hang around with the sluts. People think that all preps go to a private school, most preps go to state schools and preps don't have to be rich they just have to afford the brands listed above and all the essentuals. Preps also, dont have to be popular.


Preps always say words like SERIOUSLY? SHUT UP! NO WAY! OH-EM-GEE. But not in an american way, because then again you seem like a wannabe. Also whatever is also in the book.


Savile Row, Salcombe, Kings Road, The Beach.
Omg did you just see that prep girl walk past? she looks so good in her jack wills/ abercrombie ensamble i wish i was her.
by OllieeeA December 31, 2007

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Top Definition
Noun (Prep): Comes from identifiying one who goes to a prepratory or "prep" school (typically on the East Coast), or a school with the intent of preparing its students for college (often Ivy League).
Has come to be an label for those who conform to typical teenage behavior, in areas like clothing, school behavior, and sports participation, because preps usually are more ambitious and/or image-conscious than others.
Popular belief is that preps hate nerds/goths/punks/etc, however, generally, preps pay little attention to other "types," and those who hate preps with the most passion are those who were once preps and have recently gone away from their previous behavior, and often people who are posers intent on protecting their alternative-ness.
Prep has become to be nearly synonymous with conformist, to the point where most preps have been in denial of their typecast, and it is seen as an insult in the eyes of many.
Preppy is the adjective form, Preppily is the adverb.
The prep dreamed of going to a school that wasn't too far from where her quarterback boyfriend got a scholarship.
Bob wouldn't talk to Annie; He thought her interest in MTV and popular culture made her too preppy.
Tiffany started dressing very preppily over the summer, shedding her all-black dress code for the latest styles.
by anonymous December 27, 2003

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A prep is a person that is totally brainwashed by the media. They wear what brands the media tells them to such as A&F, AE, Aero, hollister, express, etc. They basically only listen to mainstream music. They make fun of people who aren't afraid to be themselves otherwise know as individuals. Preps are shallow. They are monkeys --> monkey see, monkey do. The media says something's cool, prep sees, prep thinks it's cool.
As someone else on here said, "preps are the downfall of society". and they are.
THOUGH, there ARE some people that are actually not snobby, wear the "prepy" clothes because they like them, and are smart and not shallow. These people are OK they are nice. They will not lead to the apocolypse like the rest of the preps.
The media says jumping off a bridge is the cool and "in" right now.
prep: Lyk OMG I'm lyk ssooooo jumpin off a briadgee todai. OMGOMG who wantz to com.
by danyelle April 04, 2004

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A common misconception is that a prep is someone who shops at American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister and pariticpates in school sports and activites. A prep is actually one who attends a prepatory school, usually on the east coast, comes from an old rich family and dresses in labels like Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. A prep wears sweater vests, plays tennis, is a country club member and is destined for a top Ivy League school.
Person 1: Did you see that preppy girl?
Person 2: Yeah. I'll bet she's really rich.
by Someone Smarter Than You March 19, 2005

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In high school, preps usually:

-Are on the varsity football team, the cheerleading squad, or dance squad

-Are rich

-Wear clothes from stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister

-Have cellphones with ringtones

-Are the first in their class to have cars and other "adult" luxuries

-~:*TyPe LiK dIs On Da InTeRnEt*:~

-Know absolutely nothing about music outside of what is on MTV or the radio

-Know absolutely nothing about "nerd" things (anime, comic books, D&D, etc)

-Think goths are "evil Satan worshipping freaks"

-Do not play video games outside of sports/racing games and Halo/Halo 2 (males) -Do not play video games at all (females)

-Do not play musical instruments, write poetry, or have any artistic qualities of any kind

-Spend their weekends at the mall, at school sports games, or at parties, where they "get drunk off their ass"

-Are absolutely HATED by most intelligent people (including me) for their stupidity and snobbish attitude.
Prep: LiKe OmG iM gOnNa Go 2 aBeRcRoMbIe AnD fItCh AnD dEn WaTcH mTv

Me:...*wants to tear their head off*
by Kazuo February 14, 2005

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The wealthy class of teens often cruelly capitalizes on their superior access to money and social power which builds animosity within the less privileged classes. The wealthy class develop among themselves a system of dress and demeanor that is very much akin to their fraternity and sorority counterpart which eventually matures into the business and country club community of adults. Preppiness, in such a way, is really the earliest exhibition of the wealthy attempting to subvert and dominate the poor that the average American experiences while growing up.
Dirt poor bastard wearing clothes from Salvation Army: "Dude, that guy's wearing a pink sweater and looks like a cocky prick."

Principal: "Now that's no way to talk about your fellow classmates. Zack Morris is one of the wealthiest students at this school... although he is known for his hillarious shinanigans."

Dirt poor bastard wearing clothes from Salvation Army: "Look, he's got that smaller poorer kid in a headlock."

Principal: "Oh I'm sure that kid deserves it, but you can see me in detention for using the curse word, 'prick'."
by Tom March 30, 2005

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Typically, this word has become a derogatory name for a guy or a girl who takes pride in the way they approach, and appear, in life. Common misconceptions about "preps" are that we are a bunch of cocky, New England elitist types who have more money than God, himself, and an inherent desire to flaunt it in the form of clothing, cars, housing, education and social standing.

First off: You don't have to be from the north to be a prep. Let me make this very clear. What prep initially implies is that you went to preparatory school, hence the word "prep" (I'll discuss later how it's a cultural identity). There are plenty of good southern preparatory schools, which include Woodberry Forest, Virginia Episcopal School...you get the idea. There are good preparatory schools in every corner of this country, but it's the New England boarding schools that have assisted in establishing this stereotyped location.

Let's get on with true prep culture:

A prep's wardrobe consists of some expensive clothing, but they've had it for the better part of a decade--excluding the two Vineyard Vines polos they got for their birthday and the 50% off sale at Brooks Brothers--indicating the true preppy trait of valuing "classic" over "trendy". We don't buy into the Lacoste trend of now, but we will gladly wear "handed down from dad" Lacoste polo shirt when it still maintained an association with Izod, which was well before it became the token icon of a sold out, soulless and materialistic world.

And as far as the true prep's garage is concerned, you're more likely to find a boxy Volvo station wagon or sedan (ski rack clutching to the roof for dear life) than you are the Ferrari or Hummer that everybody seems to associate with a prep. You find cars like those in the garages of those obnoxious yuppies who liken themselves to human beings because of the sole reason that they have a body with blood (no matter how drug-laced) flowing through it.

Another typical misconception about preps is that we live in gigantic mansions on the 8th fairway of some country club to prove a point. Hell no. People who buy a big house with the sole intention of demonstrating that they have a lot of money are NOT preps. They are assholes or yuppies. The only time a prep will ever move into a big house (and even then, it will never be one that is likened to a McMansion)is if A) they have a large family or B) it was passed down for generations (refer to the "classic" versus "trendy" juxtaposition, because trust me, it applies right here). When it comes to housing, for a true prep, less is definitely more. A true prep will rent a studio apartment somewhere on the Upper East Side in lieu of purchasing a behemoth piece of archtectural vomit on the links, even though both probably wind up costing the same.

This brings me to education. Preps spend money on an education for the sole reason of having the proper tools to become successfully established with relative ease upon graduation. It's not for bragging rights, because anybody who brags about going to Harvard because it's "Haaaarvard" and not "the groundwork for their future success" usually winds up the victim of some form of brutal sodomy. A prep's tendency with regard to education is to go to a top College or University (generally on the east coast, but there's always Stanford and UCLA should a prep choose to make a respectable deviation from the norm). Private institutions frequented by preps include, but are certainly not limited to: Middlebury, Bowdoin, Duke, Tufts, Davidson, Lehigh, LaFayette, Colby, Bates, and every single Ivy League institution ever established. If for high school, a prep found Choate, Kent or Andover to be too small, they might choose to attend any of the following public universities: UVA, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, etc.

Finally, to put an end to an abhorrent misconception that everybody seems to maintain: NO, true preps do not buy their social status. Maybe we'll hang out at a ritzy bar if a friend is getting married, but normally, we avoid those scenes until we're at least 45 years old and drink scotch. The young people who frequent those places are just plain trying too hard. A true prep knows where to find a classy joint that won't break the bank or the heart. An amazing night on the town for a prep consists of dinner at J.G. Melon (11$) followed by an evening of wasting away on well-bourbon at T.J.'s (25$), which is an incredibly fun and inexpensive joint, considering it's in Manhattan. If that were my night, which it has been before, I would have just spent less in six hours than the pretentious bastard across the street did in the thirty seconds that it took him to order the Escargot.

A true prep is a classy individual. We know where to go, who to know and we seriously believe in class, and the true ones of us refuse to buy into pop culture. We do the right things, whether it's holding the door for a lady, mixing our Gin and Tonic with the right proportions, or double-spacing after every period when we write our essays. Truly, "prep" is not a trend, it is a classic way of life.
Brian: That upstart young man with O'Melveny and Myers attended Andover and went on to earn dual Bachelor's Degrees from Middlebury College and a law degree from the University of Virginia. Exemplary of a truly classy individual.

John: Ah yes, a true prep.

Brian: And look at that, he just gave his jacket to that incredibly tall, gorgeous blonde woman. Why can't my daughter find someone like that?
by SouthernPrep December 09, 2005

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The most importent part of the definition of a "prep" is where they go to school. "Preps" go to College Prepetory schools; hence the word "prep." These schools are always private, and often (but not always) boarding schools. The best sports teams are generally lacrosse and field hockey, but everyone has alot of school spirit. Therefore, people who do not go to Prep schools, but dress in the stereotypical clothing of preps (Polos, kakais, loafers, etc.) are not preps, but rather they are "preppy." Essentially these people want to seem like they have ties to old money, or are rich, or are blue bloods, etc, etc.

Now the real preps are generally smart, privilaged, and (very often) white. Their parents are usually doctors, lawyers, or buisnessmen, and all went to college. All preps will go to college, often Ivy Legue schools, or small liberal arts colleges in New England (Middlebury, Trinity, Colby, Etc.), though some will go to the elite west coast schools. Preps will generally fill their college resumes with multiple AP classes and will have SAT tutors or courses to assue their entry into these small, elite, and expensive private colleges.

In the end, these real "preps" are the new aristocracy of the United States. They live their lives sheltered from the hardships that the average citizen must deal with, going on about their way in refined luxury. Their lives are set up before they are born, most will go on to similarly professional, affluent, and prestigious careers as their parents, and they will soon give birth to the next generation of preps.
The real preps don't simply dress "preppy." They live it.
by M.D. Phillips July 24, 2005

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