Preppy girls are snobby bitches that criticize people that arent rich and wear lables.They makes peoples lifes hell sometimes!They think some who is diffrent from them is a freak when they dont even know the freakin person.
They walk around like they are the shit and wear little ribbons in their hair with their louis vuitton handbag that cost way to much,and think they can do what ever the hell they want just because they are "popular".For the people who are preps you need to get a effing life! there is way more to life then being popular and expensive clothes,when anyone mentions the words thrift shop they automatically think you are poor and gross and tease you for it because you cant afford Gucci and the other shit they wear.
They care way to much about what people think of them,and spread crap that isnt even true,and the stuff that is true shouldnt be spread all over the school,all they do is gossip and hurt peoples feelings.
Prep:Look at my new only costs $123,000.00
Anti-prep or who ever:omfg thats so cool...not!that costs more then my freakin house you dumb bitch!!!!
A true prep, obviously goes to either an east coast boarding school (Choate, Taft, Miss Porters, etc) or a very good private school near their hometown. Being preppy is not only about clothes, but if it was a true prep would rather eat fast food then shop at abercrombie! modern day preps typically go for j crew, lilly, polo, rainbow flops and various small designer items usually bought at an upscale department store (neimans or saks). Preps do not hang out at the local mall, they relax at the country club or (if one lives near the shore), yacht club. However, most of you lower middle class americans possess a skewed vision of what a prep is. a prep is NOT some over tanned, streaky blonde haired, american eagle wearing slut that goes to public school.
if your reading this, theres a 97% chance you are not a true prep. if you are, all the best to you.
by cld<3NANTUCKET November 08, 2005
A prep is not someone who shops at Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle. We shop at JCrew, Polo, Lilly Pulitzer, Neimans, CK bradley, eliza b., Vineyard Vines, Rainbow, and North Face. We carry bags from Herve Chapelier, longchamp, and chanel:Classic and Pretty. Pearls are neccesary and jewlery from tiffany is needed. If you cannot afford those brands you are not a prep. Usually we go to elite private schools and end up in ivy league colleges. A common misconception is that all preps are blond, definitly not true. Most of us preps vacation in Block Island, Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Nantucket, and the Hamptons. Really preppy towns include: Greenwich CT, and Rye NY. Prep for life.
That girl is wearing a shirt from Hollister and she tells everyone that she is a prep, definitly not.
by Prep for life August 29, 2005
Everyone says preps always wear the same things but doesn't everyone? I mean, preps wear a lot of the same brands but so do punks, goths and well "thugs" if you will. Everyone does kind of look the same. The style and such. Nothing is truly individual. It does suck when everyone wears the same thing though...Like how "punk" became "in" that was irksome.
punk and/or goth: I'm so glad we're individual. Unlike all those preps. They just follow what's "in"
*punk walks in and is wearing the exact same outfit, hairstyle, wristbands etc"
punk and/or goth: NOOO!!!
by Martha April 28, 2004
people who think they own the world. they wear aeropostale, american eagle, hollister, etc. they act like the plastics on mean girls. think they can scare and intimidate people by sneering at them and whispering about how horrible they are when they say something a lot smarter than them. stupid, narrow-minded people. never give a care about anyone but their friends and themselves. usually rich but can be somewhat poorish. think everyone likes them but they really don't. are not all the same, but no one is really. think everyone is jealous and that they look hotter than everyone else when really a normal person, like me, can be a better model than the most popular girl in my school. get all egotistical when they accomplish something because they have the money to do it. act out in class and the teachers follow along to prevent being sued by rich parents.

girl: i wish these preps would stop talking about us. they do it every day, and i don't know why. it's not like we're bad people or anything.
guy: don't worry, they're just stupid, insecure people that think they own the world cuz they're rich.
by mel676 September 20, 2006
A prep can take on several forms, but it is most certainly not someone who shops at american eagle, hollister, areo, or abercrombie since 1970. Its a person who comes from a upper class, established family who dresses and lives in a conservative american style. I like to break the prep genre down into three classes:

1) Coastal Sea-farer: A person from an upper class family usually from the New England coast who enjoys boating (sailboats and yachts). Typically has attended a NE boarding school and private college, this education needed to handle their parents' fortune. Can be seen wearing vineyard vines, polo, lacoste, brooks brothers, and anything associated with sailing. When not on the water drives a Land Rover or Mercades. Lives on the coast but does not associate with beach bums or the surfing types, only with other sea-farer families. Family may be established in business, politics, or medicine. See the Kennedy family or the Cleary family from "Wedding Crashers"

2. Country Clubber: Person who can be found at the high end country clubs in most major american cities, though I believe they may be stronger in the south. Grow up at the local private school and wear polo, brooks brothers, lacoste, and other country club attire, drives a BMW. Lives in the high society of their community where the deb ball is more important than the prom and appearance is high on the list of priorities. Plays mostly golf and tennis, though they might suck at both.

3. Outdoorsy Prep: Someone who spends a lot of time outdoors engaging in outdoorsy activities. May draw more from the middle class than the other catagories of prep. Wear Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Northface, and other high quality outdoor gear, drive chevy tahoes with DU stickers. Will NEVER be confused with tree hugging hippies, with whom they share only a love for chacos sandles. Outdoorsy Preps support groups like Ducks Unlimited, not Green Peace. Big into hiking, camping, skiing, hunting, and fishing. Theodore Roosevelt is the god-father of outdoorsy prepdom.
Teenager: Look at that prep coming out of Abercrombie.

Biff: (bitch slapping teenager) Wrong! Look at that prep coming off his fathers yacht, or coming off the TPC golf course, or hunting moose on his family ranch in Idaho.
by Bob1776 August 25, 2006
A group of teenage girls who think they are superior to all the others. Most of them are very rich, or should I say they're parents are. They usually wear things from Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle and other "preppily popular" clothing stores. They're accessories (sunglasses, purses..) come from expensive designer brands, such as Prada, Armani, etc.

Alot of preps don't care about school (most can afford to go to private schools). All they need is their clique, their usually prep/jock boyfriend, and the ability to go partying until 3 am.

The more "smarter" preps are nicer to people outside group, and are actually getting good grades and have talent for something.

Preps usually listen to pop, or anything popular (in their group). They watch those "teenage shows" such as The O.C. Many of them are against people who don't dress or act like them. Some of the nicer ones can tolerate punks, goths, etc. Gossiping is a favorite pastime.

-Disclaimed's Opinion :D-
I'm not exactly friends with many preps, but some, very few are actually tolerable. I hate cliques, they are retarded. Also, the clothing stores they shop at are extremely overrated, so I wouldn't step foot in one.
Conversation between 2 Preps ;)

Prep Girl 1: OMG!! Hey Krissy, like, my daddy got me a new camera!! My old was that I got like a month ago is sooo out!!

Prep Girl 2: You are like, so lucky! MY daddy bought me this cuute Marc Jacobs purse!!

Prep Girl 1: Lets like soo take a photo together, and then I can like put it on my Facebook!!
by Disclaimed August 25, 2007
Preps are snobs,sluts, have school spirit,posers and make fun of anyone who is not like them or don't worship them. They don't like any particular group but their own. And if you don't wear the same brand of clothes as them then they definetley think your a loser. Preps wear tight shirts, mini skirts, tight pants okay pretty much anything that is revealing. If someone dresses like that and they are not a prep then a prep calls them a slut. Which is weird any way you look at it. Preps aren't known to be very open minded at all. They kiss up to you when adults are around like you guys are best buds. They brag about how they get new things everyday. Or how they want to be models or actors. But mostly they aren't going to amount to anyone because they smoke,get high, and drink. They think they can get any guy/girl(which isn't true) They think will have their looks forever(which is definetly not true)They think everyone idolizes them and want to be like them and they think people are jealous. No one is jealous and I don't know how preps came up with that one MAYBE to ease the pain of being a FUCKIN small MINDED IDIOT!!!No one likes preps because they act like they are all that and have bad attitudes and judge people by the clothing they wear.No one feels sorry for a prep when their made fun of because plainly some really do deserve it. So until preps change their attitudes about people's appearance then I don't think anyone will care about their fucking retarded asses.
(At the mall with family and Prep comes up)
Prep comes up
by gothic rose December 12, 2004

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