do people forget what real preps are?i dont live in a society that is one big flaw lik ethe united states.real preps are epople like frasier.there is nothing wrong if you are rich and want to be more civilised than those people who would rather go pick up a ho and then get drunk.there is nothing wrong if you like all those clothing brands mentioned.if u like htose clothes its fine.if u lik emainstream music its fine.BUT the underground term for prep are those who,jsu becaus ethey have a higher status in any walk of life specially high school think they can get your crush hate you.and the preps who say that they are individuals let me say something these stereotypes are a more flawed version of nationalities.each have their own customs the basic core but not everyone is on the spot alike. i jsut went to the us recently and u have go tto understand ppl think preps like those displayed in movies are just exaggerated.when i went to the us i asked a prep for assistance and after the wa\y she lloked at me and talked to me i was laughin in her face.
sports team ember,sports shirts,prestigious clothing brands,popular,like parties=not preps

preps=all of the above +making ppls social life a misery,think they have the right to judge things like movies music and people.
Overly-cheery idiot.

Usually found wearing hollister, aeropastle, or abercrombie and fitch.

Travel in packs and text in class, which is un-neccesary.

These are the people that need a good backhand in the mouth. Which I can deliver.

Prep beatdown day: March 3rd, any year.
See that prep over there? Go knock it down.

by DrHotPantz December 08, 2008
Snobby girls who think their all that. Wheres abercrobie, hollister,polos' etc. Straightens their perfect blonde hair,or brown hair with highlights.Can be bratty, but could possibly be nice. usually really smart but occasionally stupid.
Brooke: OMG!!! Did you see that shirt at Abercrombie?!?! it was like so totally cute and totally preppy!!!!!

Marissa:OMG!!! I know!!!!!!We are such good preps!!
by Anessa September 17, 2008
a fake prepatory high school that things they are better than all the rest but the rival Notre Dame of West Haven is sooo much better than them in all sports... they are all pussies and should all die
Fairfield Prep- hated by: Notre Dame, Hamden, West Haven and Xavier
by gmilano March 14, 2007
A black prep is basically a white prep only (obviously) BLACK! They strive to live above the steryotype of blacks. Black preps are what most white people (and some blacks) would call an oreo or comfussed. Other white preps would say we come from "new money" and technically, it's true. Black people traditionally dont come from money but if they do they are either preppy or just a "rich ghetto person". It's sad to say but it's the truth.
now I myself would be considered a black prep and yes in my circle I would be seen as the black girl with 4 white girls and i'm fine with that because no one cares!
Also, that saying "all preps go to prep schools" is crap because yes I was in a very good pivate school from pre-school all the way up to 6th grade I'm in public school now (actually one of the best in my town) Black preps generally do wear lilly and ralph lauren (A MUST) and the girls always wear coach hats, scarfs, and summer shoes.

I am also what you would call a southen black prep and for us if your black and a true prep you are most deffinatly a member of Jack and Jill, (if your a black prep you know what that is), your daddy plays golf (and can hold his own on the course), and your younger and older brother(s) play golf and/or tennis and are good at it. You should be part of some sort of lake club that has a golf course and tennis courts.

For girls it's important to be a very presentable southern bell and when you are 16 (sometimes 17) you are to be presented at a coutillion that your mother is very active in. when you pick your escort it is very important for that guy to be good looking and to have alot going for him. his profile should sound something like this: Winston Gandy III is a Senior at the Lovett School and is planing to attend either Harverd University, Howard University, the University of North carolina at Chapel Hill, or Princeton University. He is the captin of his Lacrosse team and is a member of AJGA (Atlanta Junior Golf Association) Today he will be escorting Lauren Cofield. It is very important that your escorts profile dosnt overshadow yours.
Any black preppy girl would know that it is Simply unexceptable to carry a back pack in school (unless its a louis vuitton back pack). you always carry a tote back (usually by coach or one you got from durby) with a very cute but modest charm on it.

as far as sports go:
guys always play
and Fencing

Girls generaly play
Golf (if you play you must be able to hold your own)
or you will be a debutant (which is truelly a sport)

Like I said before, black preps generally come from new money so there arn't many but if you know one then you know it because they don't dress like the other black people in your school....they dress sooooooooooooooooo much better
Quaneisha: HHAHAHA look at that oreo over there
Blane: Shes not an oreo...shes just preppy
by Lauren_C June 01, 2006
A Prep is a person from the North Eastern area of the US and comes from old money. They receive the title because they attend preparatory schools, which contain a more rigorous academic curriculum than public schools and focus on giving students much freedom, while maintaining a strong sense of discipline in order to prepare them for college life. Their fashion sense is expensive, yet relatively conservative. They tend to have strong family values which help preserve the old money they come from. They also have a strong sense of community, which is why they belong to country clubs and project loyalty to their schools. They are seen as "corporate slaves" because most of them end up in a high-income corporate career. They are not narrow-minded, but are in fact open to a multitude of ideas, which aids their financial and entrepreneural sucess. Although they do spend a lot of their time in business, they tend to live by the motto "work hard and play hard". They use the money they make to indulge in travel and social athletics such as golf, which allows them to gain more knowledge on the world and others. It's paradoxical how many non-preps label them as narrow-minded, when in fact they are closed to the ideas of preps.
That prep is studying hard so one day he or she will be able to live comfortable and provide for future generations
by chwo March 30, 2006
A noun- A person who goes to a prep school.
A girl that wears knee high socks, sweaters, plaid skirts and buckled shoes. Not to be confused with someone that wears short shorts, brand name t-shirts(or tank-tops), and wears gallons of make-up. This would actually be called a slut, hooker, whore, or popular girl. If someone goes to your school(and your school isn't a prep school) then they are NOT preps.
by That one girl... September 14, 2009
gossiping, backstabbing bitches who gossip to another prep about a person then goes and gossips about you to the other person.
Prep 1: oh my gosh don't you like think that Prep 3's shirt is so like ugly. It totally doesn't go with those shoes.
Prep 2: I know right, like hasn't she ever heard matching clothes. Oh like eew here she comes thinking she's so special for talking to us. I have to go get matching manny and peddy for tomorrows dance. Bye.
*Prep 2 leaves and Prep 3 comes
Prep 3: hey are you like excited for tomorrows dance?
Prep 1: yea, have you seen Prep 2's dress? it totally makes her look like pale.
Preps 3: yeah I know.
Prep 1: By the way I like love your shirt
by alltimelowluver August 18, 2009

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