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a grotesque sleeping position in which your boobs and your butt touch the matress at the same time
damn, sleepin in the bowtie position really fucked me up last night.
by O_Xx May 18, 2005

Used when chatting with a guy. Most often used at the end when the guy cuts of the chat abruptly, usually to masturbate. therefore you say mydo. and since i just made it up, they won't know what your talking about, well, til now
After a sexy conversation....

Guy: um... yeah.. g2g

Me: mydo!


*looks it up on urbandictionary*

Guy: >:O Hey!
by O_Xx May 24, 2005
A person wearing preppy fashions.
These include:
1. layering expensive, flimsy t-shirts on top of each other adding to your bulk
2. ripped jeans that show everyone your going commando
3. has an eerie airbrushed look
4. never wears the same outfit twice
5. sequins! >_< nooo!
6. tight clothes X_x nooo!
7. short short skirts showing a girl's misshapen legs (like maia)
8. always stare at anyone who doesn't try to be them (punks, goths)
9. ignore anyone who does
10. 200$ no problem!
11. they're into short skinny fags who shop at a&f
12. the guys who do shop there? an insult to manhood and everything else...
13. pretend they like gangsta music and rap x_x o lord help us.
14. probably best friends with the really annoying lesbians who work at nordstroms.
15. virgins? yes, no matter how slutty they act.
16. when it rains, their makeup smears all over their faces.
17. try to be lesbians. doesn't work.
18. act fake in front of us
19. constantly try to insult themselves just to get compliments "oh im so fat" "no ur not!" well actually, yes u are
20. only become interested in a guy as soon as he gets a girlfrien -_- *are we done yet?* NOPE!
well... yeah mebe

The only thing good that comes from this? The prep fights... lmao
Damn, another fucking prep... o lord help us! why plague the innocent as well!? What have i done to deserve this?!
by O_Xx May 18, 2005
A stupid ugly skanky bitch who thinks she can rock out, even though every one knows she's a fucking poser, only the preps like her for her "music"

if only they knew
After premier of music video:

Avril's preppy friends: Omg avril u were sooo punk in that video. wow u are sooo punky with all ur black clothes. u are such a rocker chick. u r such a rebel! how does ur mom deal with all that?

Avril: Yeah i made them zoom in on my converse to show everyone im hardcore yeah! Oh oops, my mom's here, she's driving me to the mall!
by O_Xx May 18, 2005

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