upper class ass wipe who think they are better than everyone else because they have money or cars.
Also an insult
shut up prep.
by bangkokdangerous November 16, 2009
Now preps are known as those chicks you would see wearing pink stuff, anything from Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie and Fitch. There are some prep guys too but they are seen more as Jocks than "Preps". Now-a-days preps try to copy the punky style. (I say punk because i would say that punk is generally the overall style of "emo" and "scene". I don't believe in labels and neither should you guys.)

Anyhoo, as I was saying, preps are starting to copy that punky style (skinny-jeans, converse, studded belts, etc.) Why? Just proves to show that preps are just low-life bastards who try to fit in with society and try to be popular and hate punks and other cliches but still copy their style because they are losing their attention and popularity.

Now, if you happen to be a prep and reading this:

~~ prep convo~~

Ashykinsz- Eyyy imissedyouuuu Le** howyoubeenbabeszx?

AlE*- i been good omfg IflysFm<333

ashykinsz- omg me 2 babeszx. quess waht? ii qot them neww kickszx todayy<33

AlE*- shweet thatszx hella tighttt. i shudd come overr so ii can see tht shett.
by BiteMeBxtch<3 June 29, 2009
Punk Kid 1 - Wow, look at that collar poppin' prep!!
Punk Kid 2 - I know, what a total loser.
by Preps=fag June 26, 2009
people who think its cool to go all hater on everybody else brand name cloths and all the cockyness they think everybody loves but ha not even close they are hated most and the other 20% wish they were in the group.in other words there stuck up losers who can do anything they want to anyone they want without getting in trouble....
who thinks im right?
abby:omg jade cute aeropostale bag...love it!
jade:i no rite lol hey did u txt kris last night?
abby:omg yes! hes such a babe muffin!
and cause hes like us(a preps) he has money so we can date him
by tweek<3 May 31, 2009
Preps are the ones that don't spend there time on urban dictionary wrighting hateful definitions about other groups in society? There are awful people on all different ends of society. Its the individual not the people in their social circle that make them what they are. So please stop generalizing.
Hey look, a bright colored polo. HE MUST BE A PREP
by unknown1992-'10 April 17, 2009
A prep, contrary to the beleif of some "Adult Preps", is a self centered, usually blonde or light brunette, male or female who thinks that they are perfect in every way, and that the world revolves around them. Most preps speak with phrases such as 'Like' all the time. Females usually so OMG as a shortened way of sayng Oh My God, usually because a) they are too lazy because everything in life has been handed to them or b) their too tired from screwing the football team or the cheerleaders last night. Preps usually wear overpriced clothes and listen to the most in music. Common types of preppo clothing are Abercrombie&Fitch, AE, or anything else name brand.

Male preps are usually called Jocks, and hang out in medium to large sized groups of 3 to 5. A typical Jock's goal in life is to be captain of the football team or quarterback. Most Jocks like pushing smaller people around, or people that they think are weak or small. They like to insult anybody who talks to them unless he/she is another prep/jock.

Female preps hang out in tight Cliques, and some are so dumb that they think that they're african-american or black, and use typical black slang in casual conversation. They can be seen texting or talking for long periods of time on their cell phones, most of which they personalize with stick-on gems and markers. Females are more prone to use 'like' constantly.

Britney: Omg Hayyyyy Lindsay did you see that nerd over there? He was like, totally checking me out. Chuh, idiot.

Lindsay: I know. Like, what a freaking geek

*Both laugh their stupid, high pitched laughs*

Nerd: Chuck..the Prep over there? Sooo... hot.

Other Nerd: *laughs* yeah... I'd like to play Dr.Spock with her!

*both laugh, then use inhalers*
by DinasourFlavouredIceTea March 25, 2009
A worthless hateful person, traditionally dressed in abercrombie, aeropostale and hollister. Hollister seems to be their place of worship. They enjoy wearing expensive clothes that mysteriously look similar to stuff from anywhwere else but with a patch of a seagull on it and 30 extra dollars on the pricetag. They are usually together and fear being among others or anything different. Almost always white, sometimes asian, and protestant. Use the word like alot along with phrases such as "Oh my GOD" and "are you serious?" Also known for slutty girls who pride themselves among other preps on sleeping with the entire football. Prep girls usually shop at victoria's secret for things, but never wear panties, so it is a waste of money and their boobs are usually A cups at the most. Preppy girls sometimes date skaters who also hate anything different. Many emos are preps who changed "to become individuals" but really changed simply because emo is popular. Preps are known to do anything if it's popular. They are also known to their addiction to myspace and facebook. Another distinction is the music they listen to. Most often pop, but sometimes emo music (as stated before) and light rock like nickelback, claiming that they are rock fans when they really only like the leftover rock that true rock fans don't give two shits about.
I'm a prep...I'm gay
by metalhead222 February 03, 2009

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