Getting so hot and bothered prepatory to intercourse that the male cums on the gal's belly before he can penetrate her.

"No more dates with you, Freddy. This is the third time you've missed and made a mess on my belly. Now lick up every drop of that premature ejaculation!"
by Richard Black August 18, 2006
n. 1. When a dude cums early in a sexual intercourse.
2. When a guy (usually me) throws a grenade/shoots on accidents while the screen is still black on Halo 2... usually results in me getting booted from the game.
1. PE=Premature ejaculation... I heard a commercial on the radio for Boston Medical Group which FIXES YOUR PENIS!
2. I have premature ejaculations all the time in Team Slayer.
by Gjelstiznles August 01, 2006
Producing the pearl jam before putting it in the Maam. (See also pronatalist.)
How can you naturally make a baby, if you have a premature ejaculation, or cream your pants, before delivering your penis into your wife's vagina?
by Pronatalist April 26, 2008
Usually you cannot control it, its when a woman is someone you think is hot and she does something sexually arousing like spanking her ass, then you just let it go uncontrollabley.
Hot Girl: Hey y'all!

Boy: Damnit I had premature ejaculation.
by premature ejaculation happens September 08, 2009
Pre-mature ejaculation is when you fire you're load before you finish you're climax. The BITCH AIN'T SATISFIED
TCHU was banging a hot girl and he started to Pre-mature ejaculation before he whipped his pants off
by P.HONGG September 12, 2006
The reason why most idiots are on this planet. Without it, we wouldn't need to believe in better places such as Heaven and Cancuun
Premature ejaculation is the most common reason why half the world exists.
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