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n. 1. When a dude cums early in a sexual intercourse.
2. When a guy (usually me) throws a grenade/shoots on accidents while the screen is still black on Halo 2... usually results in me getting booted from the game.
1. PE=Premature ejaculation... I heard a commercial on the radio for Boston Medical Group which FIXES YOUR PENIS!
2. I have premature ejaculations all the time in Team Slayer.
by Gjelstiznles August 01, 2006
n. A rejected crayola crayon color that was replaced with "Asparagus".
My friend's 1988 lime green Honda Civic is now baby shit green.
by Gjelstiznles August 01, 2006
when jesus was around he'd masturbate into cups and make people drink his seamen b/c if they drank this jesus sauce, they believed they'd gain his powers.
"my great-great-great-great-great-great (x's 45) grandfather jimmy drank jesus sauce once a day and learned how to walk on water!!!"
by Gjelstiznles July 31, 2006
n. A burger that you jizz all over before cooking it... I work @ a Carl's Jr. and we do it all the time lol.
I watched the fat little boy eat the cumburger... looks like my secret ingredient tastes great!
by Gjelstiznles July 31, 2006
n. The act of a nerd going hyphy.
ROFLCOPTER I saw hyphzorz last night at the STAR TREK CONVENTION!!!
by Gjelstiznles October 15, 2006
n. an awesome radio program hosted by dr. drew and STRIKER! (whoever he is...) The discussions on love line are usually about giving head, anal sex, and cervical cancer vaccines.
Love Line w/ Dr. Drew:
Caller: "Hey Dr. Dew and Stroker!"
Dr. Drew: "It's Dr. Drew and Striker..."
Caller: "Yeah, w/e... I kinda have an anal cow rape fettish... some help?"
by Gjelstiznles August 02, 2006
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