When you go to a concert and think a song is finished. You start to clap and realize the song is not done, just a momentary break. This is a premature clapulation.
At the Neil Young concert, there was a momentary silence in the middle of a song. Everyone started to clap and then the song continued. This was a premature clapulation.
by marcig19 September 05, 2012
Top Definition
You are so intrigued by a performance, more so than your fellow audience, that you feel the need to applaud before everyone else. Usually no one else joins in clapping.
During super bowl 38 Janet Jackson's nipple slip cause extreme premature clapulation.
by BrennanChoo July 10, 2008
Applauding before a performance is finished. This refers to situations where some or all of the audience think that the performance is over, NOT because they think its superlative quality merits mid-performance applause.
Everyone applauded because they thought or hoped the song was over, but there was one more tedious verse. Terri whispered to me, "Whoops! Premature clapulation."
by vonTrips August 21, 2009
the awkward clap executed by an individual who assumes a performer has finished playing their piece when, in fact, the performer has not finished playing their piece.
"Who was that bitch today in church who ruined the choir's performance of Amazing Grace with premature clapulation?"
by OriginalSpaceBox September 23, 2012
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