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The main prey of boy lovers.
"-I thought Keysh came to lollapolooza.
-He did but he's trolling kidpolooza looking for a preman.
-Oh no... he's a boy lover?
by keeeysh August 08, 2010
Precum. Before you blow your load, there's the sticky sneak attack of semen. (Pre- semen).
She was dry-humping me so much I filled the hot tub with premen.
Pulling out isn't an effective form of contraception, because you can be screwed over by the premen.
by DTPS February 10, 2010
Preman = Freeman in Jakarta. No jobs. No education. Rude. Criminals. Alcoholic.
Nofreeman: Are you a preman?
Preman: Yes I am. Now give me your money!!!
by Andiz April 21, 2010

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