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Only said when you are repeatedly annoyed by the same fucking bastard son of a bitch over and over and over again.
Andiz: Fuckoffyoubastardsonofabitch!!!
Rezha Kampret: Hey,How did you know that????
by Andiz April 21, 2010
1. Silly, Stupid, Dumb, Idiot.
2. Some kind of Indonesian Delicacies made of coconut milk.
1. You're such a dodol!
2. I like dodol.
by Andiz April 13, 2010
Shoes in Jakarta Language.
I like my spokat.
by Andiz April 21, 2010
Preman = Freeman in Jakarta. No jobs. No education. Rude. Criminals. Alcoholic.
Nofreeman: Are you a preman?
Preman: Yes I am. Now give me your money!!!
by Andiz April 21, 2010

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