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What Cornell students take instead of midterms. They are a significant cause of pain and suffering at Cornell University.
Usually there are two prelims and one final for each course

I got raped on the Math 1910 prelim. The mean was a 34.
by fuckcornell October 07, 2008
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A full-length exam Cornell students take twice a semester per class, that counts for between 15 to 30 percent of their grade. They fucking suck and no one is ever happy during prelim season.
"Hey dude, want to go out tonight?"
"Are you serious? I have a prelim tonight and one tomorrow morning. You're done with them? Fuck you."
by procrastinator53 October 12, 2011
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(Preliminaries) A small get-together or activity taking place before and at a different site than another event. This activity must involve alcohol.
You: You guys are late for the wedding. Where have you been?
Me: Prelims.

by BB20 November 25, 2008
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