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a pregnant chick, type of porn
that prego is huge and ready to pop
by big johnny July 09, 2002
465 164
Knocked up; bun in the oven
That Missy girl on our floor is Prego. She is due any day now.
by Boy Wonder November 16, 2004
337 131
"you're welcome" in italian
"scuze! grazie!"
by joo2332 May 01, 2006
316 162
Good spaghetti sauce.
All I buy is Prego spaghetti sauce, whenever I cook Prego.
by Saints October 15, 2003
193 154
This is anothe word for being pregnant
The spring time is when everyone gets prego.
by Love Bunny2009 April 19, 2010
103 66
In Italian, "prego" literally means, "I pray," but is usually used to indicate, "You're welcome."
Situation 1:

"Grazzie, Signore/a." (thank you, sir/madam)

"Prego" (as in, your welcome)

Situation 2:

"Prego!" (as one would offer a seat)

by Slikker February 16, 2007
65 48
Slang for a pregnant chick or a pregnant chick covered in spaghetti sauce.
Jamie Lynn Spears is Prego.
by Ghosty-Kun January 07, 2008
97 93