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pregger: a pregnant women on her mood swings are bitchy so it can be used to describe someone that is bitchy or just an asshole
Man, Richar is not denzel that guy is just a pregger.
by Kentor January 12, 2005
29 37
Not only describing the state of being with child, but also a nickname given to the woman that is pregnant.
"My friend is preggers now"

"Wow Preggers, slow down on the Ben & Jerrys!"

"Hey Preggers, you paying that shirt over time?"
by Megan E. K. April 10, 2008
27 39
Something people on some kind of freakin odd crack say. Preggers is not a word and never will be. STOP SAYING IT!
16 year old girl: Oh my god. I love the word preggers! I got it just to say it all the time! Woooooooooooooooo!
Guy: So...are you on some kind of freakin odd crack?
The girl: Uhm...yes.
Guy: Can I stick your head in the toilet and flush it and pray you never come back?
The girl: Yes.
Guy: Let's go.
by tilatequilafan101 January 26, 2008
34 47
Chav version of pregnant.
"Ah fuck! Me Young one's gotten herself preggers!" = "Oh no! My young daughter has gotten in the family way. (If we had a good name, it would be ruined by now.)"
by Scandal June 28, 2004
49 64
An girl (unwed) who is or was pregnant before marriage
"hey up preggers, lad. Looking forward to the wedding?"
by StupidPeanut July 31, 2009
3 20
Cool way of saying some is pregnant, Glee invented it
The blonde cheerleader in glee(not the dumb one) was preggers.
by ImDaTRUTH October 06, 2010
2 22
preppy slang for "pregnant" (used mainly by guys)
"Todd! You're buying tonight! Meggy's preggers!"
by Loretta La Rue April 20, 2003
14 73