Street way of saying Pregnant, a lot of Americans seem to have a problem with the word and use lame school-yard tactics like "if you say it your gay" etc etc, I say stop saying faggot and we'll stop saying preggers, till then go suck a lemon.
Hey lol, look at your belly, are you preggers??
by xTehMasterx May 07, 2010
A pregger is a female human who is with child. As the abdominal bulge becomes more obvious, the individual's status may change to "wicked pregger."
Wicked preggers are a dime a dozen over in suitcase city, and most will let you drink their milk, for a price.
by robot October 13, 2003
A slang term for pregnant. It is used usually by men, often dismissing the importance of pregnancy. Commonly used in a joke fashion.
Woman #1: Hank we need to talk.
Hank Moody: Oh shit, your not preggers are you?
by CalifornicationFan December 11, 2009
With child. Used by people who act black, such as Alistair Leslie Graham (see below).
Ali G: What be your name?
Father Dean Schultz: Father Dean Schultz
Ali G: Yo, respek. Safe. Is you very anti-abortions 'cos you yourself was aborted
Father Dean Schultz: No, er, I wasn't aborted.
Ali G: So you ain't never got a ho preggers?
Father Dean Schultz: ?
Ali G: You ain't never got a ho preggers?
Father Dean Schultz: ... no
Ali G: So is that because you use connies, or does you fire blanks?
Father Dean Schultz: ...
... this interview is over.
by Alistair Leslie Graham June 06, 2010
The word is short for PREGNANT. This is probably the most HORRIBLE way you can attempt to make the word "pregnant" sound cute.

If you are straight and have a dick you should never EVER use it under any circumstances and is punishable by a slap in the face by all (straight) men. If you are a girl, you must only whisper it so that no guy ever hears it (unless he is gay, which such case it's ok for him to hear you say the word preggers).
Guy 1 -"Dude, my girl is preggers"
Guy 2 -"WTF is wrong with you??? Don't ever say the P word or else I will slap you"
Guy 1 -"Mybad. I need to stop watching E!"
Girl "I have news! I am preggers!!!"
Gay guy "Ewwww, are you are going to have your cooch streched?"
Girl "No....I have a loose cooch so it should be easy."
Gay guy "Thats one good thing of being a whore. Congratulations on your extra welfare check"
by Rob Yo April 30, 2008
(adj.) Pregnant female, used mainly in the early stages of pregnancy, by moron future (dead-beat) dads. The word itself dates back to Victorian Britain.
Guess what? She's preggers!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
pregger: a pregnant women on her mood swings are bitchy so it can be used to describe someone that is bitchy or just an asshole
Man, Richar is not denzel that guy is just a pregger.
by Kentor January 12, 2005
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