Derived from "appreciate" ; used to show gratitude or thanks.
Lil ol nigga lookin for some preesh a leesh.
by rex November 14, 2004
Top Definition
thanks; appreciation for something; gratitude
"Here is your fried chicken and large orange drank, sir"

by Big Rich February 13, 2004
To appreciate it; To give thanks to; To enjoy someone or something.
Preesh the raise I got today.

No preesh the attitude my girlfriend gave me when I told her I was going drinking with my buddies.
by S.Wallace7 August 19, 2009
A hooligan term used in reference to Phredley Brown, who's the one and only original Preesh
Keep it Preesh-ed out and all the way crompied
by funnyfrog3 June 21, 2011
the ghetto shortification of "appreciate"
Person 1: "Here you go." (hands something to person 2)

Person 2: "Hey dawg...preesh!"
by Kel-Rae June 22, 2007
cause today we are too lazy and informal to use the word "appreciate". Usually used by those coming out of their drug induced 20's to realize they are 30 and have to work in a professional realm.
dude, pressh on presentation help yesterday.
by justin November 29, 2004
Slang for "I appreciate it."
Used when someone tried to help you but made things worse.
An email salutation.

Thanks for letting me borrow your car, I ran it out of gas.

by msteveco March 16, 2009
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