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the innocent time before everybody that talked to a child was a paedophile. when teachers could pick kids up, and you were allowed to take photos at the ice rink.

predo times are most noticeable in movies made before the late '90s. practices and events which seem ludicrous to us now were perfectly reasonable because nobody was scared of paedophiles

in the mighty ducks film...emilio estevez walks into a school and gives the receptionist a list of childs names...he is then told where they all are and allowed to wander in to the school to get them.

in 'matilda' the elementary school teacher is allowed to take matilda to her house after school for tea.

these are not examples of paedophiles, but of normal adults in an age when paedophiles were not a worry to parents. - predo times
that film last night was so predo, the teacher took the child home with her for tea after school

remember when you were little and your teacher gave you a hug? that was so predo
#nineties #films #children #paedophile #good old days
by predo May 12, 2010
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A predatory pedophile.
Don't look behind you. Your predo's hiding behind the newsstand. C'mon, Mary. Let's walk down this street and duck into the subway station.
#pedophile #predator #rape #sex #molestor
by gregjockca September 13, 2010
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