Pre-gaming for re-hab, i.e. spending all day drinking before an alcoholics anonymous meeting.
Rick is such a junky, he drank for seven hours straight and went through an eightball by himself before AA tonight. Such a bro, one day I hope to pre-hab as hard as he does.
by Dr. Junkycat March 16, 2010
someone who is making certain decisions early in life that will most likely cause them to go to rehab before or during college
Nan is a straigt up prehab girl considering she is only 14 and already loves sniffing sharpies and getting high off diet coke.
by Shallizayy November 16, 2005
Another term used to describe the calculated and cynical attempt to control the public perception of a misbehaving celebrity by gratuitously sending them to rehab for the PR value alone. (synonymous with rephab)
“(Insert celeb) just got caught cheating/drunk driving/making un-PC statements… better get them into PRehab!“
by daisydoesit July 19, 2010
The part just before rehab, when someone or something is totally out of control.
Ashli was so wasted last night, she was worse than prehab Lindsay Lohan.

Dude, you got to stop drinking so much, you're totally prehab.
by NikkiNeigh May 30, 2009
N. A state of destructive living preceding checking into a rehab facility. The state lasts 30 to 60 days and always ends with the individual admitting themselves to rehab. Applies mainly to hollywood types.
Lindsey Lohan wrecked into another telephone pole last night? That chick is totally in prehab.
by christopher layton December 13, 2007
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