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A person who intends to get engaged in the future. A person is a pre-ancee if he or she has discussed getting married with their partner and they both agree that it will happen someday - but there has not been an official proposal yet.
"My girlfriend wants me to propose, and I will probably do it sometime in the next couple months, so I guess that makes her my pre-ancee."

by Paul NYC January 22, 2008
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A person whom you are in a long term, committed relationship with, and plan on marrying when the time is right but the question hasn't been popped yet. More permanent than a boy/girlfriend but not quite a fiancé/fiancée. Usually a relationship of more than a year.
"I went on a trip to New York with Chris last week."
"Haven't you been together for years now?"
"Two of them. He's my preanceé."
by Kaileigh Horne May 08, 2014
Rhymes with fiancee. The stage of commitment before a woman becomes a fiancee.
Jane is scared to get married again, she may be a preancee for years before becoming betrothed again.
by PreanceeDebbie July 18, 2012
A term used to describe, people who become pre-engaged. Mainly for an excuse to have sex with said person, that seems acceptable to an individuals parents.
Person #1: Wow, Kiki just told me that Louis just gave her a ring, but they're not getting married for a few years.

Person #2: Soo what does this mean? They're eachother's pre-ancée's?
by BChristine October 25, 2007

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