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a symbolism used to describe a thing; a statue; a person of great build and capabilities; someone who is inspirational to others
She is the pratima of Beauty.
#symbolism #statue #capability #inspiration #build
by prat4 October 11, 2007
a statue of or the meaning of something.
Pratima is also a common girl-names used in South-Asia and symbolizes a petite but pretty girl with a charming smile.
See her, she is the pratima of beauty; (symbol of beauty)
#partima #praatima #prati #pratama #pratii
by Prophecyalfa April 30, 2012
Taken as a synonym of friendship. Pratima is a name given to people who are nice to everyone and someone nobody would like to hurt. Pratima's are the best friends of everybody, someone you'd easily share the darkest secrets of your with and still feel good.

Pratima's have the tendency to make everybody around them feel good, warm and happy.
Q. You like her, whyy?
-- Because she's my best-friend and she is nice to me, she is Pratima to me.
#statue #prati #partima #pats #friendship
by alfagurl April 30, 2012
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