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An Ebonic word used to represent a cheese puff of cheese doodle.
Yo, Tyrone is really chowin' on the cheese praters, dawg.
by Welthy October 30, 2010
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German word for: one who chats a lot.
She is a "prater',I thought Cammy would never stop talking.
by 209cherrypie October 21, 2009
a clothing style that mixes preppy things with skater things.
quicksilver polos, and jeans or boardshorts, would be an example of prater stuff
by Nabeel T June 02, 2006
Preppy skater clothing, worn by snowboarders alot. Consists of slightly unique, almost scene style clothing.
Look at Nathan Miller, he invented the style prater.
by Clarky M. August 27, 2006

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