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One who touches a dick. Could be an insalt or could be used just for fun. Comes from the latin root sucky sucky.
Hey pp toucher in the pink shirt SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!
by Aaron Henderson Matt Pringle January 10, 2009

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One who acts, talks or looks like a creeper, rapist, pedophile.. etc. Likely to touch those who are unwilling to be touched. Most pptouchers will deny that they are one when accused.
1: *pptouching*

2: you are such a pptoucher.

1: wutever a pptoucher is u are one

2: Way to deny it.... pptoucher
by lardasss September 27, 2010
a piece of queer bait that likes to fondle men's juicy genitalia. . . in other words a dong monger. . .
Jon aka JDubz is a PPtoucher, I saw him eyeing Jason Basic
by Mary Basic February 10, 2003