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to be exceptionally good at something, mostly used in videogames. Interchangable with Haxor.
1.)OMG he just got POWNZORED!!
2.)I totally pownzor...
by Ben Jammin February 10, 2005
OwnIng in A viDeo GAme So BAdly That you Have ComPletely HAnded his Ass BAck To him/her.
Yo I wAs PlaYing Socom And..Well Dude im a Staright Out Pownzor dude...i gotLike a 7 kiLL round.
by victor herrera April 25, 2005
A 1337 work for ownzor or pwnzor. Used as a verb when winning or being better than another.
"Man, he pownzors at Halo!"
by Penrith October 21, 2003
a word that whenever said online such as socom, others laugh silently to themselves, glad that they arent retarded like the speaker
some 8 year old kid killed me in socom so in the lobby he said in his squeaky girl like voice "dude i just pownzored you"

the correct response to this is normaly "dude go drink some bleach"
by liekomgwow May 10, 2005