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The incorrect way to pronounce "pwned". The actual way to pronounce it is "pawned", as the O is being REPLACED by the P, as opposed to being latched on to the front of the word.
Guy 1: You got powned!
Guy 2: It's pawned or pwned..
by 5449 June 02, 2009
The act of dying tampons red and throwing them at cars
"We powned those cars."
by faggetmofo December 04, 2011
It derives from being “owned” in an online FPS game, like DOOM or QUAKE.

If someone frags you, esp. quickly, they consider you “owned”. If they type “owned” in the text message box too quickly (because they’re too busy shooting stuff), they hit the “p” key instead of the “o” key, because those keys are spatially local, and they end up typing “pwned”. Eventually, “pwned” became more popular to type than “owned”.
I totally p0wned those rebels!
by Bruce October 08, 2004
powned is like being owned or being cussed but on a high level
kid 1: your a twat
powner: least my mum aint no tecso legs
kid 1: whats that

powner: open 24/7
kid2: POWNED!
by ass wipe =] July 05, 2009
1. Coming from owned.
2. Owning, beating, or defeating one, commonly in a video game.
3. Beating someone beyond shame.
4. Killing, or fragging someone.
He just powned you, idiot!
by i love my sexy November 23, 2006
1. A common typo used by internet gamers and geeks all over the world.
2. Meant to read "owned", but the P in the beginning is usually inserted by gamers.
1. Dude you just got powned, you dirty haXXor!!
by Will Busch April 04, 2006
Personal Opinion Without Need for Extra Details

Can't be bothered with justifying yourself anymore?

1) Type anything you like
Spinal Tap are the greatest band in the world. POWNED
Goatees are lame. POWNED

Guy 1: Look at this review in the newspaper. I figure we should go see this play.

Guy 2: Yes, it's interesting and cutting edge. It explores Generation-Y themes of isolation and yearning in the backdrop of the postindustrial society.
Guy 3: I'm in too. I love culture.
POWNER: Culture belongs in petri dishes. POWNED
by Isacki October 12, 2009
powned: to be powerfully owned; used generally by nerds or geeks that stay at home and play runescape or battlefield
Barnaby: dude get off battlefield and come out with some chicks.
David: I cant! Im fighting top gunship of the 6k relm and hes using the special gun master move on me.
Barnaby: what does that mean?
by Barnaby_SHIRLEY_is_a_piano_god March 14, 2009