When Poland was invaded by Germany WWII, Poland was owned or "powned" by Germany.
omg, Sarah totally powned Kyle in their debate this afternoon.
by FabulousFeminist July 02, 2010
Personal Opinion Without Need for Extra Details

Can't be bothered with justifying yourself anymore?

1) Type anything you like
Spinal Tap are the greatest band in the world. POWNED
Goatees are lame. POWNED

Guy 1: Look at this review in the newspaper. I figure we should go see this play.

Guy 2: Yes, it's interesting and cutting edge. It explores Generation-Y themes of isolation and yearning in the backdrop of the postindustrial society.
Guy 3: I'm in too. I love culture.
POWNER: Culture belongs in petri dishes. POWNED
by Isacki October 12, 2009
one of the coolest words created by white people (powned)
meant to get beat or owned.

PAUL:OOOOHH who just got powned!!!"you did"
STEVE: shut up paul stop saying that.
PAUL: just cuz you got pwned dosnt mean you got to be a loser steve.
by stephen 209 May 07, 2008
("PEE-ownd") Sometimes p-owned.

Contraction of power owned. The worst kind of ownage. Total humiliation.
lol powned lmaonaise
by Commander McCool May 04, 2005
the act of getting "power owned". getting beat at something really really bad
Dude 50 to 0!? You got powned!!
by Riddle Boy June 16, 2008
A mix between Pwned and owned...
I powned you in counterstrike last night.
by YouDontWannaKnow March 18, 2006
a combination of poon and own = pwned
We just pwned some noobs
by joshtbuff September 20, 2004
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