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The ultimate energy drink! Gives you so much energy, man power and speed! You'll be so fast mother nature will be like... "S-L-O-W D-O-W-N" and you'll be like "FUCK YOU" and kick her in the face with your ENERGY LEGS!
"Man, I'm racing in the olympics against some kenyans tomorrow, better drink some powerthirst so I can kick their asses"
by 69winkies January 10, 2008
A ball cat is a male cat that hasn't been de-sexed and still has its massive hairy scrotum dangling round under its ass.
LOL did you guys check out that Ball cat? It was rank!!
by 69winkies March 09, 2008
Snapping Off A Darkie refers to taking a rather large shit.. or shit of any description.
Jason went to snap off a darkie this arvo, the toilet was clogged for hours!!!
by 69winkies February 11, 2008
An activity done in excitement or in the heat of the moment.
To clap your bottom against another bottom.

In its usual occurances "clap bottoms" will usually be screamed out by a drunk at a party, everyone will join the practice as they clap their ass with the person closest.

drunk teen: "CLAP BOTTOMS!!"
teen 2:"shutup dickweed"
drunk teen: *claps bottom*

drunk teen: ...g-hey!

by 69winkies January 10, 2008
To snuggle up to anothers bottom. Sometimes this is desired, other times the snuggler is crapped on by the snugglee if they didnt want their bottom snuggled.
1. Jina and Billy snuggle bottoms all night

2. Jina totally wanted to snuggle bottoms with Billy so he took a dump on her face!!
by 69winkies February 11, 2008

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