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-A strait up pimp
-Juan John the Magic Don calls powerline for advise
-The most hardcore Marines of the airwing with out them there would be no marine air power
-Know for punking out avi s/s t/r m/c and weak a$$ airflamers.
-What Airflamers want to be when they grow up.
-What the wifes and girl friends of airflamers want to f**k if only they werent so fat and ugly
-King Kong aint got sh!t on powerline (direct quote from Denzel Washington)
-Gods back up plan incase chuck norris goes to far

Airflamer-hey honey you wanna go screw.
Airflamer wife-No i wish i could screw a powerliner if only i wasnt so fat and ugly.
Airflamer-Its ok ive been getting pounded in the a$$ all day by my shop maybe you can just do me to.
Juan John the Magic Don-Hey hoe get a powerliner on the phone i need to know how to deal with these hoes.
by Airframe shop July 10, 2008

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