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Having a powdered doughnut is the act of snorting cocaine from around a girl's nipple.
After his lapdance, Destiny let Billy have a powered doughnut off her chest
by the DH December 08, 2004
the act of snorting cocaine (or any other powdered drug) off of someone else's butthole.
I got a powdered doughnut from that guy the other night.
by Robby Dyer November 12, 2007
when some idiot snorts too much cocaine at work and is too busy to wipe his nose, the end result is a circular encrusted nostril
that greets his table with no eye contact and perspiration.
servers in florida remind me of myself a long time ago, thank god I got my Shit together now and can laugh. Hey lick that powdered doughnut off her
by clean and sober October 11, 2008
When you dip your balls in syrup followed by powdered sugar, the sugar will then stick to your balls, then have a partner lick it clean.
Yo, did you hear Josh gave Jordan a powdered doughnut last night?
by G Jizzle February 27, 2006
The act of snorting Coke on the ring of someones asshole
Dan gave ryan a powdered doughnut last night and Jennifer threw up all over him
by RealSpittah February 24, 2011
When an old guy ejaculates into a young girls butthole.
That old dude just blew a powdered doughnut!
by Erizk May 02, 2008
A white boy that acts asian.
Get your white ass out off the library you powdered doughnut
by CRaSHiiT December 06, 2010

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